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While we were still learning the business, we found out all the ways a customer's order can possibly go wrong.

We learned from each error and built a strong, reliable ordering process to prevent errors from occurring. We have a system in place that requires six different people who look at each order and cross-check each other to ensure that the order turns out exactly as the customer wants.

The typical ordering process is as follows:

  • Our switchboard operators are knowledgeable, helpful, experienced people. All calls come through our switchboard, and the operator determines the proper person to receive the call.

    If you call to place an order, the operator routes you to the appropriate sales person.

    If your order comes from our Website online Contact Form, your message arrives on the switchboard operator's computer screen. The operator forwards your message as an email to the proper sales person.

  • In the sales department, the sales person receives your order call or email and finds out from you exactly what products, colors, sizes and designs you want. This is the most important, critical step and it may take some back and forth communication about items, prices and schedules. Both you and your sales person must be in perfect agreement on what it is you are ordering.

  • Your sales person calculates the price, writes up the order and then faxes or emails the order to you for your signature approval.

  • You sign the order, approving the purchase, and fax it back to your sales person.

  • After your sales person receives your signature approval for the order, the sales person passes the order to our production coordinator.

  • The production coordinator contacts you to arrange for payment.

  • With payment arrangements made, the production coordinator schedules the machines, materials and people for the actual production.

  • At the same time, the art department is at work, creating the artwork and then faxing or emailing art designs to you for approval.

  • The production coordinator starts our production department working on your job. We normally complete jobs within seven to ten working days after the approvals.

  • As the job is nearing completion, the production coordinator calls you to arrange for delivery.

  • The quality assurance department inspects the final products and assures the items are what you ordered and that the quality is up to their high standards.

  • The shipping department packages and ships your order. They monitor the shipment to be sure it arrives as planned.

  • A week after you receive the order, your quality assurance person calls you to ensure that your order is correct and that you are completely satisfied, both with the order and with our service in general. If you have any complaints or even mild dissatisfaction about your service, please, please tell your quality person so that we can fix whatever went wrong.

Our goal at Pacifica T-shirts is to provide you with the most efficient and helpful service possible.

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