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We are a small company of 35 employees who are totally dedicated to serving your needs.

We originally began in 1980 as Pacifica T-Shirts and in 1988, the current owners, Greg and Regine Lahde, purchased the company. Here they tell you about our history.

"Both of us had successful careers in industry." recalls Greg. "I had my Geography degree and had a good position writing environmental impact reports for a large corporation. Regine was using her Masters degree in Business Administration at a large corporation in the fashion industry."

Regine relates "Both of us wanted to work for ourselves and to run our own family business. We began searching for the right company to match our skills and resources, and we looked into many different kinds of businesses."

Finally, they came across a special, two-man screen-printing company that was for sale, Pacifica. Says Greg: "We looked into it carefully, and we could see the potential. One of the key selling points was the high quality, high volume screen printing press already in production."

In the beginning, Greg worked primarily in marketing and production, and Regine worked on sales, buying, and finance. Regine remembers the long days and hard work that carried their expansion: "At the end of the first year, we had grossed over $500,000 and, in our second year, over $1M. Now we have continued to expand over the ensuing years to 35 employees and are extremely proud of everyone here; we all worked hard to keep us expanding."

Since then, Greg and Regine have worked hard to satisfy almost 20,000 customers.

We are somewhat unique in the promotional items industry in that most of the other companies are distributors only and they outsource everything in the design process, including the artwork. We do all the work in-house, so we can better control the quality and the schedule. We consider these factors vitally important to our customers.

In this industry, garments make up over 70% of all promotional items sold. Because we produce all of our screen-printed garments in-house, we enjoy a distinct advantage in the industry.

An additional Pacifica T-Shirts advantage is that we employ highly experienced professionals who have a combined experience in the industry of well over one hundred years. Our artists and craftsmen give us the product quality that sets Pacifica apart.

We are located in Tustin, California, in Orange County, in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Here we have excellent access to garment suppliers as well as air and ground transportation systems. We like operating here, and we try to give back to our community even more than we receive. If you would like to visit us, please go to "Contact Us" so we can arrange it with you.

Pacifica T-Shirts and Promotional Items, Inc.
1733 S. Douglass Rd., Suite F
Anaheim, CA 92806


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